URLFilterService is a free internet filter application for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Thanks to the namespace filtering code introduced in version 20170104, now it supports a very large set of applications (not only browsers). It works best with  Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer but any other browser should be supported through DNS name resolution api. It can be used to build a  personal trusted list of internet sites helping you to avoid unwanted web content of any kind.

UFS can also be used as a DNS sinkhole server. It works completely on your computer and  no data is sent outside your network except allowed request for dns names. UFS  works both with ipv4 and ipv6 addresses, any external DNS resolver and any kind of device (tablets, phones, smart-tv, game systems, etc). Please note: to work properly you must allow local and global network communications in your antivirus and/or firewall to urlfilterservice.exe.

Unlike other internet filters UFS integrates a default/deny option, giving you a chance to resolve hosts only if they are already present in a known category, saving your time in keeping the categories updated by removing the need to constantly check for newly created domains.