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- Bug correction on UrlFilterService.exe (users password change wasn't written on disk).
- Bug correction on UrlFilterService.exe (rewritten external dns resolver communication code).
- Bugs correction on Ufs32bitAgent.exe and Ufs64bitAgent.exe (removed handle leak).
- UrlFilterService.exe: added min/max (128/65536) concurrent dns connections limits.
- UrlFilterService.exe: you can now change listening port of dns sinkhole server (example will put server listening on port 2884 of ip
Size: 721369
SHA256: 31ce2de466a07b9f9362a81ea953a2a4148aa5d96aafee381d932e389df10ae4

- Bug correction on Urlfilterservice.exe (buffer overflow on spoofed user agent string).

- MITM mode: removed system wide support (only IE and EDGE are supported now).
- DNS sinkhole: added connect port for external resolver to support dnscrypt-proxy (example for a local proxy
- DNS sinkhole: added support for ips filtering; now ips can be grouped and inserted as users to obtain different level of filtering.

- Bug correction (memory leak on hooked function).
- Modified logerr32/64.txt structure.

- Added flag option to block images and javascript based upon mime request.
- Added flag option to remove referer and spoof User Agent.
- Added flag option to disable/enable HSTS (please read about it before using it).
- Multiple bugs correction.

- Added "no category" search filter in read log.
- Added flag to activate/deactivate MITM mode.
- Added category record count and record view (double clik on a category when init or update are not running).
- Minor bugs correction and speed optimization.

- Added DNS sinkhole functionality

- Corrected a bug in 32 and 64 bit injection routines (process owner was set to NULL)

- Maintenance release: 32 and 64 bit injection failures get logged to better understand reasons behind them; files are stored in system32 and syswow64 folders (logerr32.txt and logerr64.txt)

- Removed support for ip string to address conversion api because of a performance issue

- Added support for ip string to address conversion api
- Added url and process pattern filter on log read in interfaccia.exe
- Added support for local file updates (see %WINDIR%\Urlfilterservices.ini for reference)

- Added support for name resolution api
- Various bug correction

- Bug correction on URLFilterService.exe and Interfaccia.exe
- Added controls adjustment on window resize in Interfaccia.exe

- The hook engine has been completely rewritten
- Filtering support has been extended systemwide to every application using Wininet library
- Added manual url check button in Interfaccia.exe

- Minor bugs corrections and optimizations
- Added support to HTML redirection codes

- Bug correction on UrlfilterService.exe, UFS32bitAgent.exe and UFS64bitAgent.exe (once again: partial url support)
- Changed compression algorithm in NSIS installer

- Bug correction on Interfaccia.exe and Identità.exe (handle leak)
- Bug correction on UrlfilterService.exe (partial url support)
- Bug correction on installer script (update fails on 32 and 64 bit systems)
- Added url clipbobard copy in url management window
- Added program update check for new versions

- Minor bugs correction
- Added partial url support

- Bug correction on UFS32bitAgent.exe and UFS64bitAgent.exe (failure on IPC queues mapping)

- Bug correction on UFS32bitAgent.exe and UFS64bitAgent.exe (handle leak)
- Bug correction on UrlFilterService.exe (register value FilterIEControl not saved on configuration update)

- Modified threads priority during service load and data update
- Removed a bug in Interfaccia.exe causing filters page to be available (but not usable), in a particular condition

First pubblic release