Q. What is it?

URLFilterService is an internet filtering application running on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Q. How does it work?

There are two working modes:

MODE man in the middle - this mode works by hooking and detouring specific  api calls in Internet Explorer an Microsoft Edge. If all you want is just a web filter for these browsers all you need to do is setting up filtering rules;

MODE DNS sinkhole - it works like a DNS resolver and can be used locally (if you want to filter Chrome or Firefox or any other software on your computer) and remotely (serving many computers/devices on a local network).

In both cases, using a list of domains and urls sorted in categories, it applies rules allowing/denying access to requested objects. There are many lists over the net, the ones used by URLFilterService are:

but others could be easily added (send me an email, see below). If you want you can  extend the lists as you like or  build a personal list of trusted sites allowing only it.

Q. What do you mean when you talk about filtering requests?

It's the freedom to choose what you want to be loaded/displayed inside your browser window or application. URLFilterService inspects dns/http/https requests,  blocking unwanted ones.

Q. What are supported systems?

It should work on every recent x86 and amd64 system. I tested and found it working on:

  • Windows 7 professional, 32 bit;
  • Windows 10 professional, 64 bit.

Please note: because code injection works by checking static patterns inside function calls, any system could stop working after a system update. Because I can't check every system version out there, whenever you find yourself with a non working version send me an email and I'll try to make things working again.

Q. Can you add my language to Interfaccia.exe and Identita.exe?

This can be easily done translating English.txt and saving the new file inside languages directory. Send me the translation if you like and I'll put it into next releases.

Q. Why do I have to use this software?

I think that every Windows pc should have an antivirus installed, a personal firewall and obviously an internet filter. If you don't like the "look and feel" of URLFilterService, don't trust me at all or don't find UFS suitable for your need, I'm pretty sure you can find one suitable for you in this list.

Q. Is it safe to use your software?

If you download URLFilterService from urlfilterservice.net mostly is, but I can't guarantee anything. I must warn you:  if not used properly you can block useful applications like system updates and smartscreen protection. Use at your own risk.

Q. My antivirus/smartscreen filter says there's a virus in URLFilterService, why?

I guess this is because of its nature: hooking and detouring are suspicious activities , and the code is not digitally signed. I will not ask you to trust me, I'll ask you to trust your security suite vendor (submitting them a copy of URLFilterService for antiviral analysis) or virustotal.com

 Q. <put your winstore app name here> closes as soon as it opens, why?

I noticed it myself while testing Microsoft Money. It seemed like the program doesn't like when you avoid the opening of some pages. To run Microsoft Money i'd to whitelist msedge.net to make it work,  because SHALLALIST has the domain inserted in tracking category which i filter. The suggestion to make <put your winstore app name here> work is to check whatever has been blocked by URLFilterService and whitelist the domain.

Q. How much does it cost?

You don't have to pay to use it. If you find this application useful please consider making a donation.

Q. How do I login to Interfaccia.exe?


Password: 1234

Q. I have many questions not covered by this F.A.Q. can I contact you?

If questions are related to usage please have a look at video guide and help sections first. Still having unanswered questions? Feel free to contact me here, but please don't complain if you get a slow answer or no answer at all: this is  a hobby and i don't offer 24/7 support.