URLFilterService is a free internet filter application for Microsoft Windows operating systems.  It natively filters requests  in Microsoft Edge (EDGEHTML) and Internet Explorer but any other  application is supported by its DNS filtering engine. Both modes support per user/ip filtering rules.

UFS does not collect any kind of data: it works completely on your computer.

UFS browser based filter extend your control over Microsoft Egde and IE. You can:

block any kind of internet resource like images, videos, executables and scripts (MIME filtering);

disable HTTP Strict Transport Security (requires Windows 8.1 or later);

remove referer and accept-language from request header;

spoof user agent string;

remove HTML POST and PUT data.

UFS  dns based filter works both with ipv4 and ipv6 addresses, many external DNS resolver and almost any kind of device. It works with Cloudfare and Quad9 Dns over HTTPS resolvers enanching your privacy by encrypting dns queries.

UFS  has a default deny option, giving you the chance to resolve hosts or show pages only if they are already present in a known category.