- Bugs correction.
Size: 756763
SHA256: 85fce335847cc95976c544d45a801b3a7b74bb700cee68efb6731c1eefd44946

- Added support for dns over https resolver (CONFIGURATION->SINKHOLE). Currently works with Cloudfare and Quad9. Postpone #443 to external ip resolvers to activate the protocol switch (example:
- User agent string can be spoofed using UAStrings.txt located inside installation folder (CONFIGURATION->MITB). To rotate user agent use # or #number (example #10 to switch UA every ten seconds). File must be saved as UNICODE, must use windows new line standard (ascii 13,10), must not be bigger than 64Kb, and must not have more than 128 entries. A Service restart is required every time you do changes to UAStrings.txt to reload data.
- Added flag to remove accept-language in http request header (CONFIGURATION->MITB).
- Added flag to remove data in POST and PUT requests (CONFIGURATION->MITB).

- Minor bugs correction.

- Added support for MIME type filtering (interfaccia.exe/filtering rules).
- Bug correction on urlfilterservice.exe (log read/write).
- Bug correction on urlfilterservice.exe (url search routine).

- Completely rewritten filter and hooking routines.
- Fixed Image and Javascript filtering based upon MIME type.
- Set max log size to 2 GB per day (because of new filtering routines).

Partially fixed MITM mode (broken since Windows 10 update 1803). Mime filtering of javascript and image is still broken and older way to manage them I suspect will not work anymore. I'm actually trying different ways to block these requests.
At present time direct setup file download is suspended.

- Bug correction on UrlFilterService.exe (users password change wasn't written on disk).
- Bug correction on UrlFilterService.exe (rewritten external dns resolver communication code).
- Bugs correction on Ufs32bitAgent.exe and Ufs64bitAgent.exe (removed handle leak).
- UrlFilterService.exe: added min/max (128/65536) concurrent dns connections limits.
- UrlFilterService.exe: you can now change listening port of dns sinkhole server (example will put server listening on port 2884 of ip

- Bug correction on Urlfilterservice.exe (buffer overflow on spoofed user agent string).

- MITM mode: removed system wide support (only IE and EDGE are supported now).
- DNS sinkhole: added connect port for external resolver to support dnscrypt-proxy (example for a local proxy
- DNS sinkhole: added support for ips filtering; now ips can be grouped and inserted as users to obtain different level of filtering.

- Bug correction (memory leak on hooked function).
- Modified logerr32/64.txt structure.

- Added flag option to block images and javascript based upon mime request.
- Added flag option to remove referer and spoof User Agent.
- Added flag option to disable/enable HSTS (please read about it before using it).
- Multiple bugs correction.

- Added "no category" search filter in read log.
- Added flag to activate/deactivate MITM mode.
- Added category record count and record view (double clik on a category when init or update are not running).
- Minor bugs correction and speed optimization.

- Added DNS sinkhole functionality

- Corrected a bug in 32 and 64 bit injection routines (process owner was set to NULL)

- Maintenance release: 32 and 64 bit injection failures get logged to better understand reasons behind them; files are stored in system32 and syswow64 folders (logerr32.txt and logerr64.txt)

- Removed support for ip string to address conversion api because of a performance issue

- Added support for ip string to address conversion api
- Added url and process pattern filter on log read in interfaccia.exe
- Added support for local file updates (see %WINDIR%\Urlfilterservices.ini for reference)

- Added support for name resolution api
- Various bug correction

- Bug correction on URLFilterService.exe and Interfaccia.exe
- Added controls adjustment on window resize in Interfaccia.exe

- The hook engine has been completely rewritten
- Filtering support has been extended systemwide to every application using Wininet library
- Added manual url check button in Interfaccia.exe

- Minor bugs corrections and optimizations
- Added support to HTML redirection codes

- Bug correction on UrlfilterService.exe, UFS32bitAgent.exe and UFS64bitAgent.exe (once again: partial url support)
- Changed compression algorithm in NSIS installer

- Bug correction on Interfaccia.exe and Identità.exe (handle leak)
- Bug correction on UrlfilterService.exe (partial url support)
- Bug correction on installer script (update fails on 32 and 64 bit systems)
- Added url clipbobard copy in url management window
- Added program update check for new versions

- Minor bugs correction
- Added partial url support

- Bug correction on UFS32bitAgent.exe and UFS64bitAgent.exe (failure on IPC queues mapping)

- Bug correction on UFS32bitAgent.exe and UFS64bitAgent.exe (handle leak)
- Bug correction on UrlFilterService.exe (register value FilterIEControl not saved on configuration update)

- Modified threads priority during service load and data update
- Removed a bug in Interfaccia.exe causing filters page to be available (but not usable), in a particular condition

First pubblic release