This page contains videos about UFS installation, configuration and usage. Disclaimer: some of the windows you'll see may have changed in the latest versions of the program. Feel free to contact me for help or any doubt.

Download and install

External service setup

Add filtering rules

Default deny unknown

Mandatory user mode

Add a limited user


Url pattern filtering

Manual url check

Log - url and process pattern search filter

DNS sinkhole

Please note: urlfilterservice.exe needs to be allowed to public and private network communications in your antivirus and/or firewall for dns sinkhole functionality to work properly. I forgot to put that part in the video so I'm putting an image of windows defender firewall configuration here in the hope it helps.

Setup UFS as a local DNS filter

Disable images and javascript in MITB mode

How to disable HSTS, remove referer and spoof User Agent in MITB mode